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Speedo is one of the most recognised brands for swim accessories, De Jongs Sport Store has a broad line of Speedo products to help you enjoy the most of the Curaçao Water activities

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ES Speedo es una de las marcas más reconocidas de accesorios de baño, De Jongs Sport Store tiene una amplia línea de productos Speedo para ayudarle a disfrutar al máximo de las actividades acuáticas Curaçao

Available at de Jongh's Sporthuis! Your Speedo Swim Accesories specialist...

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Swim Caps Speedo

Super-soft silicone provides optimum fit.
Lightweight, comfortable performance.
Easy on-and-off design won't snag hair.1
Latex Free.

Speedo Snorkel

Perfect for snorkeling and recreational swimming.
Snorkel features a comfortable fitting silicone skirt for leak-proof fit.
Mask has speed fit easy headstrap adjustment.
Lens have anti fog coating for clear viewing.
Fins have adjustable heel straps for the perfect fit.

Speedo Goggles

PRODUCT DETAILS: Speedo Goggels are designed to inspire the aquatic community to dive in and make a difference.

Speedo goggles Kids

Expand your comfort with the outer eye fit.
This gasket shape offers the most universal fit outside your eye socket with the security and reliability of Speedo's other goggles.
Wonders technology.
Let your kids make a splash with these fun hologram lenses!
Ideal for young swimmers.
Soft, comfortable frame
Latex Free.
Anti-fog and UV protection.

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